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Water Disinfection System

Aeolus supply total requirements for water and waste water disinfection. We design and supply plants as per client's requirement.

Uniqueness of our products is that all disinfectants are generated at site itself mainly using electricity as raw material. Hence no tension of handling hazardous chemicals!

Aeolus design and supply disinfection systems comprising UV radiation, Ozone difussion, micron and ultra filtration and Electro-Chlorination. We also use Electro-oxidation for waste water disinfection.

Aeolus now have mastered Photo Catalytic Oxidation Process and other Advanced Oxidation Processes for very low cost yet highly effective disinfection solutions for water and waste water.

Aeolus has complete basket of solutions for disinfection in hospitals for air, surface, laundry, water and waste water disinfection.

Our systems are highly effective for water disinfection in cooling towers. Problems like bio-fouling, algae, biological contamination, bio-scaling etc are effectively controlled with Aeolus systems. Chemical consumption in cooling towers can be reduced by more than 70% by using Aeolus disinfection systems.

We also undertake modification of existing plants for water and waste water disinfection.

Whatever be your need, we can help you design and supply highly effective solution for your water and waste water disinfection. Contact us for any complex water treatment problems, we will surely provide you most effective solution!
Electro Chlorinators

Electro Chlorinators

Rs 1.5 Lakh  / UnitGet Best Price
Automatic GradeAutomatic
Installation ServiceYes
Application & UsesHospital Floor & Drinking water disinfection
Concentration7000 to 8000 ppm max in a 8 hour batch
Power Consumption0.96-12.8 kW/batch
Salt Consumption0.6-7.2 Kg/Batch
Dosing Pump Capacity0-100 lph
Production Capacity150-2000 gm/8 hrs
Fresh water Requirement20-250 ltrs
Storage Tank Capacity25-250 ltrs
In order to retain remarkable position in this industry, we are providing a wide array of Electro Chlorinators.

    Technical Specification:
    DescriptionNC - 15SNC - 50SNC - 100SNC - 200S
    Production capacity / 8 hrs150 grams550 grams1100 grams2000 grams
    Production capacity / 16 hrs300 grams1100 grams2200 grams4000 grams
    Treatable Volume @ 2ppm150000 ltrs550000 ltrs1100000 ltrs2000000 ltrs
    Treatable Volume @ 5ppm60000 ltrs220000 ltrs440000 ltrs880000 ltrs
    Power Consumption0.96 KW/batch3.2 KW / batch6.4 KW / batch12.8 KW / batch
    Salt Consumption0.6 Kg / batch2.1 Kg / batch4.2 Kg / batch7.2 Kg / batch
    Dosing Pump Capacity0 - 20 lph0 - 100 lph0 - 100 lph0 - 100 lph
    Power Requirement230 V / 1Φ / 50 Hz230 V / 1Φ / 50 Hz230 V / 1Φ / 50 Hz230 V / 1Φ / 50 Hz
    Chlorine Concentration8000 ppm (max)8000 ppm (max)8000 ppm (max)8000 ppm (max)
    Fresh water Requirement20 ltrs70 ltrs140 ltrs250 ltrs
    Storage tank capacity25 ltrs100 ltrs150 ltrs250 ltrs

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      Aeolus Chlor Water Disinfection System

      Aeolus Chlor Water Disinfection System

      Rs 1.5 Lakh  / UnitGet Best Price
      Automatic GradeAutomatic
      Installation ServiceYes
      UsageWater Treatment
      Body materialMetal
      Dosing Pump Capacity0-100 lph
      Storage Tank CapacityUpto 250 ltrs
      Other details:
      • Capitalizing on our state of the art production unit, we have become a prime manufacturer and trader of a wide gamut of Electro Chlorinators
      • This system is manufactured at our state-of-the-art production wing. Our range of Electro Chlorinators is best known for features such as long life, minimal maintenance, assured product quality, consistent performance
      • Also, these systems are in compliance with prevailing quality norms of the industry
      • Electro-Chlorinators are approved by WHO (World Heath Organization) for its program for rural drinking water treatment for developing countries

      Why Disinfection:

      • To kill pathogens causing disease like Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis, Diarrhea, Dysentery
      • To ensure SAFE drinking water
      • To prevent Algae and Fungus formation
      • To keep water tanks and pipelines clean
      • World over, nearly 3 million people die each year due to waterborne diseases out of which 1.9 million are children
      • Waterborne diseases can be controlled only by point-of- use disinfection
      • The implementation of "Safe Water System (SWS) developed by the Centre for Disease Control, USA and UNDP is being adopted by many NGOs and Govt. organizations, in most developing countries including India

      AEOLUS CHLOR- Sodium Hypochlorite generation unit offers:

      • Powerful biocide and disinfecting agent
      • Safe and economical disinfection
      • Efficient protection against micro & macro organic fouling
      • Use no chemicals other than common salt
      • Simple and easy to operate and maintain
      • Plug & Play operations
      • Operations can be fully automatic as per requirements
      • Wide range of proven applications
      • Globally accepted, preferred even by United Nations Organization for UNDP projects

      Applications of Electro-chlorinator:

      • Control water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, Leptospirosis , Hepatitis etc.
      • Safe drinking water system
      • Prevent Algae and Fungus formation in water system
      • Rural & urban drinking water disinfection
      • Powerful biocide for water treatment in cooling towers, swimming pools, water treatment plants, lakes, lagoons
      • laundry, hospitals, schools - for floor, cloth and floor disinfection

      Our Electro-chlorinators are widely used at:

      • Air ports / Bus Stands Housing Colonies
      • Municipalities Military campus
      • Railways Restaurants
      • Shopping/office complex Food Processing Units
      • Hospitals Village Panchayats
      • Textiles Industry Lakes & Water Parks
      • Power Plants Industries & Refineries

      Application of Aeolus Chlor Electro-Chlorinators:

      • Pond & Lakes cleaning Fire Water Tanks
      • Cooling towers & Refrigeration plants Offshore Platforms
      • Seawater intake systems Petrochemical complex
      • Generally where a big mass of water need to be disinfected before final using

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      • Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection
      • Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection
      • Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection
      • Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection
      • Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection
      Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection

      Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection

      Rs 1.5 Lakh  / UnitGet Best Price

      Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

      Product Brochure

      Installation ServiceYes
      Brand/makeAeolus Chlor
      Model/TypeContinuous & Batch Production
      Capacity15 liters to 3000 liters and more also
      Automatic GradeSemi-Automatic
      ModelChlor NC15
      Power Consumption0.96-12.8 kW/batch
      We are indulged in offering the finest quality Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection.

      • Quality assured
      • Durable
      • Best price

      Aeolus Chlor generates onsite hypo with available chlorine 7000 to 8000 ppm max in a 8 hour batch process. We have four different model with different production capacities to suite the customer’s need.  Generated hypo need to be consumed in max 24 hours since it is not stabilized.


      We recommend this product for various uses where 8000 ppm available chlorine hypo can be used; for eg. Hospitals, urban and rural drinking water disinfection, hotels, airports, municipalities, ETP & STP, power plants, swimming pools, pond and river cleaning and thousand other applications.


      In the presentation, we have also given reasonable cost of batch production for each equipment.

       We have higher capacity and higher concentration electro-chlorinators also. We have continuous production electro-chlorinators also. 

      Aeolus is a progressive Company destined to be the leader in its respective market segment with its innovative technologies.  We  have some more interesting products like Xeroscale water softeners and Xerodrop ETP & STP without bacteria.


      We also have Chlor Alkali plants & Membrane technology plants to generate commercial Hypo, if you require.


      Please do contact us for any further information you would like to have about our Aeolus Chlor.



      Additional Information:

      • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
      • Production Capacity: 10 units a month
      • Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks

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      Water Disinfection System From Aeolus

      Water Disinfection System From Aeolus

      Rs 20,000  / PlantGet Best Price
      Automation GradeAutomatic
      Installation ServiceYes

      Aeolus is India’s most trustworthy partner for all you water and wastewater disinfection system.

      Aeolus offers tailor made solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial water disinfection systems. We have variety of technologies like advanced oxidation processes, ozone generators, electro-chlorinators, electro-oxidation reactors, deep penetrating Ultra Violet radiation and micron filtration for non-chemical disinfection.

      Our ZERO CHEMICAL water disinfection systems are applicable to:

      ü  Drinking water disinfection in home, hospital, school, factory, hotels, offices & public places.

      ü  Wastewater disinfection in Sewage & Effluent treatment plants

      ü  Cooling tower water disinfection for industries and commercial building

      ü  Process water disinfection in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

      ü  Pre-treatment to RO purification

      ü  Seawater disinfection for power plants and desalination plants

      ü  Fire water tank disinfection for long term storage

      ü  Industrial and commercial Water treatment plants

      ü  Disinfection system for Overhead water tank storage

      ü  Disinfection system for Municipal & rural water supply

      ü  Disinfection systems for Packaged drinking water treatment plants

      ü  Disinfection system for Bore well and open well water

      ü  Disinfection system for tap water

      ü  Swimming pool water disinfection


      Please note that all our systems are ZERO CHEMICAL disinfection plants hence there are no harmful residues.

      Please contact us now for all your chemical free yet highly effective water disinfection requirements.

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