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Hospital, Healthcare, Pharma industry products

At Aeolus we have big range of products for routine and specialized use in Hospital, healthcare, Pathology & research laboratories, pharmaceutical industry for
  • drinking water, wastewater, cooling water, process water treatment,
  • Disinfection using Ozone and UV for water, surface, air, HVAC AHU, equipments, linen, laundry, documents, stationery, glassware, rooms, operation theater
  • Sterilization using UV for PPE, equipments, rooms, Operation theater, isolation wards, burns wards.
  • Effluent and hazardous effluent treatment for hospitals, pathology labs, biopsy labs
  • Biomedical waste disinfection using UV, Ozone and Microwave.
  • Cooling tower water treatments with minimum chemicals,
  • Low cost high efficiency disinfection like Hypochlorite and hypochlorous generators using common salt and water using our Electro-chlorinators and MOS generators
  • Cross contamination control system and HAI - Hospital Acquired Infeciton control systems for ICU, burns wards, isolation wards, epidemic and pandemic disease control,
  • Hospital laundry disinfection, surface cleaning, floor cleaning, equipment CIP system, machinery CIP systems,
  • Advance oxidation processes AOP for disinfection of water, biomedical waste, surfaces, equipments
  • Water softeners for healthcare industry,
  • Clean room continuous disnfection systems,
  • disinfection systems for Operation theater, isolation wards, OPD rooms, cancer patient wards, gyanec wards, neonatal wards.
  • We supply medical ozone generators for treatment of bone, ligaments, spinal cord, pain therapy and cancer therapy.

Contact us for more information on our products and any tailor made solutions if you need.
Electro-Coagulation System from Aeolus

Electro-Coagulation System from Aeolus

Rs 2 Lakh  / PlantGet Best Price
IndustryDairy industry,Textiles industry,Pharmaceutical industry,Distillery industry,Paper mills etc
Water SourceIndustrial Effluent
Treatment StagesPrimary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Preliminary Treatment, Disinfection
Treatment TechniqueNon-biological
Feed Flow Rate2000 m3/day, 50 m3/day, 100 m3/day, 1000 m3/day, 500 m3/day
Plant TypeElectro-coagulation

Aeolus today is the leading supplier of Electro-coagulation and Electro-Oxidation with wide experience and sound technical knowhow in the industry.


In the EC- Electro-coagulation process, the coagulant is generated in situ by electrolytic oxidation of an appropriate anode material. In this process, charged ionic species are removed from wastewater by allowing it to react with floccules of metallic hydroxides generated within the effluent.


EC could be of interest to Industries that generate wastewater containing oil wastes, dyes, suspended particles, chemical and mechanical polishing waste, organic matter from landfill leachates, de-fluorination of water, synthetic detergent effluents, mine wastes and heavy metal containing solution.




·         Electro-coagulation requires simple equipment’s and is easy to operate.

·         Sludge formed by EC is very low in quantity and can be dewatered quickly

·         Flocs formed by EC are similar to chemical flocs, except that EC flocs contain less water and are more stable and therefore can be separated faster by filtration.

·         The EC process has the advantage of removing the smallest colloidal particles, because the applied electric field sets them in faster motion, thereby facilitating the coagulation.

·         The gas bubbles produced during the electrolysis can carry the pollutants to the top of the solution where it can be more easily removed.



·         The Electrocoagulation (EC) cell is controlled electrically and have no moving parts, thus requires less maintenance,

·         The EC process avoids uses of chemicals and so there is no problem of neutralizing excess chemicals.

·         EC produces effluents with less total dissolved solids (TDS) content as compared with chemical treatments


Electrocoagulation EC when combined with physical treatments like sedimentation, settling, fine filtration gives the best results in term of water purification and treatment.

Electrocoagulation when followed by Electro-oxidation or non-chemical oxidation of wastewater like Ozone and UV offers best quality recyclable water from industrial or domestic wastewater.

Aeolus Electro-coagulation systems are till now supplied for various wastewater treatment including sewage, laundry effluent, hospital effluent, hotel & restaurant sewage, textile industry effluent, dairy effluent, chemical industry and cooling tower water treatment.

We offer treatability tests for your effluents. Contact us for all your complex waste water treatment requirements related to complexity of the effluent, space constraints, odour problems and mitigating the discharge norms. Aeolus has solutions for your problems!

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Xerodrop_EC
  • Delivery Time: 4-5 weeks

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  • Effluent treatment plant for Hospitals
  • Effluent treatment plant for Hospitals
  • Effluent treatment plant for Hospitals
  • Effluent treatment plant for Hospitals
  • Effluent treatment plant for Hospitals
Effluent treatment plant for Hospitals

Effluent treatment plant for Hospitals

Rs 2 Lakh  / PlantGet Best Price
ColorBlue, Grey, Silver
Treatment StagesPreliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Disinfection
Feed Flow Rate50 m3/day
Water SourceIndustrial Effluent, Commercial Waste Water, Municipal Sewage
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Installation TypeContainerized Plug & Play, Prefabricated
Capacity Inlet Flow Rate500 m3/hour, 1000 m3/hour, 100 m3/hour, 2000 m3/hour, 5000 m3/hour, 10000 m3/hour
We Aeolus introduce Effluent treatment plant for your Hospital. Hospitals consume large volume of wastewater that need to be treated. There are many units in hospital that generates wastewater such as patient ward, laundry, kitchen, canteen, O.T, ICU, Laboratories etc. If the effluent from hospitals is not properly treated, then the environment and human health can be negatively impacted.

Aeolus introduce XERODROP ETP for hospital with very small foot print. Our plant does not require any costly chemical or chlorine to treat your wastewater. It is plug & play closed plant with nominal maintenance.

Kindly contact us for more info.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 4 weeks

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  • Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment Plant
Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment Plant

Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment Plant

Rs 1.75 Lakh  / SetGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Product Brochure

FeaturesMost advanced comprehensive waste water treatment
Feed Flow Rate1 m3/day,10 m3/day, 2000 m3/day, 100 m3/day, 50 m3/day, 500 m3/day, 1000 m3/day
Capacity Inlet Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour)100 m3/hour
Usage/ApplicationWaste Water Treatment ZLD
Water SourceMunicipal Sewage, Commercial Waste Water, Hazardous Effluent, Industrial Effluent
Inlet Water QualityIndustrial & Hazardous Waste water
Manufacturing Lead Time4-12 weeks
Treated Water QualityMeets CPCB discharge norms
Control ModuleControl Module Available
Treatment StagesAdvance Oxidation Processes,Electro-Coagulation,Electro-Oxidation,Electro-Floatation,Filtration,UV Radiation,Photo Catalytic Oxidation,Ozonation
Feed Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour)01 to 200
Installation TypePrefabricated, Containerized Plug & Play,Skid Mounted,Compact
Max Water Recovery Rate95%
Number of Filtration Passes3
PH Levelinput 5.5 to 6.5, Output 6.5 -7.5
Treatment ProcessElectro-Coagulation, Electro-Oxidation, Advanced Oxidation Processes, Ozone, UV, Non Biological
Warranty1 year
Working voltage range(volt)220 V AC / 430 V AC
Filtration Grade5 micron
Impurities to be removedCOD, BOD, TSS, Organics, Complex Pollutants
Order Placement Through TenderNO Tender
Oxygen RequirementNO AERATION required
Performance Bank GuaranteeYes on Demand
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
IndustryPharmaceutical Industry
Toxic Gas EmissionNIL
Plant TypeEffluent Treatment Plant
Capacity01 M3/day to 1000 M3/day
Treatment TechniqueElectro-chemistry based Advanced Oxidation Process
UV lamp44 W

Owing to the efforts of our dedicated team of professionals, we have been constantly engaged in offering the best quality Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment Plant.

Other details:
Just to let you know that your search for a perfect ETP/STP ends here with Xerodrop

  • Xerodrop is a non biological solution for ETP/STP based on Advanced Oxidation Processes mainly Electro-Chemistry
  • Xerodrop process is characterized by an effective removal of pollutants, compact size of the equipment, simplicity in operation, moderate capital and low operating cost
  • Xerodrop – is a product with almost zero or negligible supervision to effectively treat highly recalcitrant effluents
  • Xerodrop has also provided extra ordinary results in treating effluents such as that from pharmaceuticals, food processing units, Dairy, textiles and thermal power plants
  • Xerodrop is engineered to follow toughest discharge norms
  • The treated water is fit for entire non-potable requirements of industries as well as agriculture
  • Xerodrop has demonstrated settlement of extremely high COD values of Distillery spent wash – COD ~ 240000 ppm
  • Xerodrop requires only electricity as raw material
  • Total and assured Peace of mind for the management
  • Modular & expandable plant construction
  • Suitable for fixed products as well as batch and variable products also.
  • Can effectively treat effluents containing complex antibiotics, steroids, hormones, diclofenac and other complex recalcitrant molecules, toxic chemical etc generated in pharmaceutical industry.
Hope your search ends here, we are open for beginning of a new business relationship


Introduction Xerodrop ETP / STP:

  • Xerodrop is an innovative technology based on Electro- Chemistry Xerodrop is rapid acting, effective, appropriate and ‘true value for money’ system

Advantages Xerodrop ETP/STP:

  • Offers most effective removal of pollutants - Always dependable! Ø More than 90% water recovery for recycle and irrigation
  • No pungent smell – no noise - no noxious gas emissions -compact size – very small Energy & Space footprint
  • No chemical addition – no alum / lime / ferrous addition
  • No dependency on Bacteria- no culture – no activated sludge – no aeration – no membranes
  • Simplicity in operations and reasonable O&M cost – true value for money
  • Low sludge generation
  • Treated effluent is colorless, odorless and the BCOD of highly recalcitrant effluents are reduced to comply with stringent PCB norms for discharge
  • Xerodrop can if required, well utilize most of the existing ETP/STP civil infrastructure after necessary modifications in case of upgrading existing ETP/STP

Un-Comparable Advantages XERODROP ETP / STP:

  • Xerodrop ETP/STP is based on PLUG & PLAY system- very convenient
  • Only raw material required is Electricity
  • No Bacteria – and practically no chemicals
  • No smoke – no heating – no incineration

What Xerodrop ETP/STP offers to the Client:

  • 100% assurance of meeting State PCB & CPCB discharge norms if plant is operated as per the set procedures

Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Delivery Time: 4-12 weeks

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Ozone Generator For Hospitals

Ozone Generator For Hospitals

Rs 5,000  / UnitGet Best Price
TypeOzone Generator
Power SourceElectrical
Aeolus manufacturer variety of Medical ozone generator which can be used in hospital for disinfection purpose to kill microbes from patient ward, OT, ICU, Laboratories etc.


  • Making the floors virus and bacteria free
  • Sanitation & disinfection of all areas of a hospital including OT, ICU, patient ward, laundry,kitchen, laboratories

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks

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  • Pharmaceutical Process Water Treatment by Aeolus
  • Pharmaceutical Process Water Treatment by Aeolus
  • Pharmaceutical Process Water Treatment by Aeolus
Pharmaceutical Process Water Treatment by Aeolus

Pharmaceutical Process Water Treatment by Aeolus

Rs 50,000  / PlantGet Best Price
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic

Aeolus is India’s most innovative supplier of Ozone and UV Systems for Industrial Water Treatment Systems.

Water is an essential raw material for medicinal products, and an important tool for cleaning the systems used tin production at pharmaceutical industries. The process water is used for adding into the product, Washing, cleaning of the raw materials and the processing equipment. The microbiological quality of the process water is of prime importance. The Demineralised Water (DM) is normally used as process water needs to be ensured that it does not contain any bacteria, yeast, moulds or any viruses. Several stages of disinfection is required before the water is used for the manufacturing of drugs. This contamination can be effectively removed by ozone and UV.

Generally chlorine and other chemicals are added to the process water for the purpose of disinfection .The process water using chemicals leaves harmful by-products after disinfection process e.g. Chloramines & trihalomethanes etc. which is not only undesirable but use of chemicals is also banned in some applications and the use of chemicals is being phased out fast.

Ozone is very strong oxidizer and has a powerful disinfecting property .A very small concentration of ozone in water makes it free from bacteria, virus and pathogens much faster and with lesser concentration in a most effective manner.

Ozone, triatomic oxygen, is colourless gas with an acrid odour .It is very reactive and strongest commercially available disinfectant and decomposes back to oxygen, this makes it the preferred choice for disinfection of process water and major contribution towards a cleaner environment.

Ozone is microbiological control substance and very reactive disinfecting agent .it destroys all bacteria, viruses and cysts in a very short duration when it comes into contact with water .Ozone is considered by most to be the best available technology and a much better alternative than using chemicals.

We supply best quality UV disinfection systems. In our UV systems water never comes in direct contact with UV lamps thereby no slimy layers can be formed on the UV lamp. Slimy layers reduce UV efficiency. UV compatible transparent polymer tubes through which water passes through for UV radiation are FDA approved material. Rest assured for compliance in equipment quality and product performance.

Say “No” to Chemicals! Use or Ozone generators and UV radiation systems.

Contact us now to have efficient and effective Process Water Disinfection System!

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: As per customer requirement
  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks

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Hospital Acquired Infection Prevention System by Aeolus

Hospital Acquired Infection Prevention System by Aeolus

Rs 18,000  / UnitGet Best Price
Automatic GradeSemi-Automatic
Installation ServiceYes
Country of OriginMade in India

Aeolus is an emerging leader in ozone and UV based applications for various chemical free disinfection requirements in India.

There is increasing interest in the role of cleaning for controlling hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Pathogens such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), norovirus, multi-resistant Gram-negative bacilli and Clostridium difficile persist in the healthcare environment for considerable lengths of time. Traditional cleaning methods are notoriously inefficient for decontamination. Hence, Aeolus propose use of ozone and UV and combination of both for air, water and surface disinfection for healthcare facilities.

Ozone has a unique blend of properties that make it an ideal candidate for decontamination and sterilization across a range of application areas. The ability to decontaminate and sterilize without leaving residue and to decay back to native oxygen makes this technology environmentally ideal. Ozone is generated on demand and in situ, so has the further advantage of no transport, storage, or disposal of hazardous or toxic chemicals. These fundamental advantages transcend market segments and application areas.”

Ozone treated water is found effective in treating nosocomial skin infections. Hence ozone treated water with high residual ozone can be recommended for patient’s sponging and hand wash by patients, caretakers and medical personals.

Mild ozone diffusion in air ensures low microbial counts particularly for OPD, OT, ICU, Isolation wards, burns ward, Organ transplant wards, cancer therapy wards, for patients with suppressed immunity and post-surgical care.

Ozone and UV when installed in HVAC ducts ensures complete disinfection in HVAC system particularly for hospitals.

Ozone and UV based air purifiers with HEPA filters ensure completely disinfected air in the room.

Aeolus supplies all above systems and offers tailor made solutions for all your hospital disinfection and prevention of HAI – Hospital acquired infections to the maximum possible.


Contact Aeolus now with your requirements, we are happy to help!

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks

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Hospital Disinfectant Generation System

Hospital Disinfectant Generation System

Rs 2.15 Lakh  / UnitGet Best Price
I Deal InNew Only
Country of OriginMade in India
Aeolus offers variety of solutions to hospitals in form of disinfection and contamination control. We provide high quality Hospital Disinfectant Generation Systems to serve healthcare industry.


  • Eco friendly system
  • On site hypochlorite generation
  • Simple for Operation, and maintenance free system
  • No chemicals needed other than pure common salt
  • No handling or storage of hazardous chemicals required
  • Provides disease free, odourless drinking water

Other details:
  • On-site sodium hypochlorite generation process uses three common consumables salt, water and electricity
  • On-site generation systems operate by feeding softened water into a brine dissolver
  • The salt dissolves to form a brine solution, which is further diluted to the desired salt solution
  • The salt solution is then passed through the electrolytic cells, which apply a low voltage DC current to the brine to produce Sodium Hypochlorite
  • The Sodium Hypochlorite can now be stored in the day tank


  • Drinking water chlorination (storage tanks)
  • Process water chlorination (Cooling towers, Dairy, Poultry & seafood industries for cleaning)
  • Package water industries (sterilization of pipelines)
  • Tannery, Pharma & Textiles- effluent treatment
  • Swimming pools

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Infection And Biological Contamination Control Systems For Hospitals

Infection And Biological Contamination Control Systems For Hospitals

Rs 6,000  / UnitGet Best Price
Automation GradeSemi Automatic

Aeolus offers many aplications solutions for effective control of biological infection and contamination.

Secondary or hospital borne infection is a major challenge for all leading medical institutions.

Infants, elders and critical disease patients under the treatment of allergies, chronic lung disease, acute or chronic infections, cancer, tuberculosis, gangrene, chemotherapy, immunological disorders, compromised immunity conditions, major surgeries like organ transplant etc. even following up their treatment from home or asylums need to protect themselves from secondary or acquired infections from visitors and care takers. Infants and elders are generally more vulnerable to minor infections even at home.

During epidemics of various types of influenza, H1N1, swine flu, bird flu, ZICA, patients, nursing staff and caretakers need added protection other than PPE.

Even hospitals with HVAC or central air conditioning units come across contamination from ducting. Mesh in any air conditioner definitely is a home for fungus and bacteria.

At Aeolus, our systems are designed to disinfect air, water and solids, without using hazardous chemicals!

Our products offer air borne contamination controls for food display counters, hospital wards, ICU, NICU, Operation Theatre, burns wards, rooms, classrooms, critical manufacturing process enclosures and all challenging places!

Contact us for all your disinfection and contamination control needs, we have a product for your need!

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

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