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Leather Plastic Rubber Industry Solutions

Aeolus is a leading name in process enhancement and pollution control products for rubber, leather tanning and plastic industries.

XERODROP ETP: XERODROP ETP is truely an extreme machine to treat complex effluents with electro-chemistry and advanced oxidation process AOP based solutions. No chemicals-incineration-secondary pollution! Environmental compliance and modular construction etc are features of XERODROP ETP. Our systems are also designed for VOC removal in wastewater for these industries. Our system also removes heavy metal chromium from leather tanning effluent.

VOC Volatile Organic Compound removal: Aeolus handles VOC, VOS- volatile organic sulphates very effectively. Whether it is VOC contamination in stake emission or water wastewater contamination, Aeolus systems are equipped to handle them all. Plastic processing industries generate very high concentration of VOC and VOS, our modular systems can cope up with all your requirments.

Laboratory durability test equipments: Rubber industries undertake durability test for their products using our exclusive ozone generators specially designed for this purpose. Our systems are installed at all leading rubber and tyre inustries in India.

Air pollution control Systems: Plastic recycling industries generate highly polluted smoke with pungent smell and complex organic compounds in it. Aeolus systems based on Ozone are equipped to combat all such highly pollutant emissions with simple infrastructure.

Process enhancement systems for leather, plastic and rubber industries: Aeolus products including ozone, UV, electro-chlorinators, electro-chemistry based equipments are preferred by all technical experts for their process enhancement, reduction or elimination or heavy metals, softening or leather, oxidation of plastics and rubbers, chlorination of rubbers and many more purposes.

Foul odour control for rubber, plastic and leather industry: Pungent odour from all three industries either due to VOC or for biological reasons. Aeolus systems based on ozone & UV have non-chemical harmless solution for foul odour control in industrial premises, periphery and stack emission.
  • Plastic Recycling Fumes Reduction System by Aeolus
  • Plastic Recycling Fumes Reduction System by Aeolus
  • Plastic Recycling Fumes Reduction System by Aeolus
  • Plastic Recycling Fumes Reduction System by Aeolus
Plastic Recycling Fumes Reduction System by Aeolus

Plastic Recycling Fumes Reduction System by Aeolus

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TypeOzone Generator
Machine TypeSemi-Automatic
Power SourceElectrical
Warranty1 year

Aeolus has developed an expertise in various ozone and UV based applications for deodorization and air pollution control including fumes reduction in industry.

Sources of odor generated in plastic recycling processes mainly come from fumes produced by the hot (150 to 250°C) extrusion granulation process. Field experiences indicate that nylon recycling produces the smells of ammonia and burnt plastics and polypropylene (PP) plastic recycling produces mainly the smell of acrolein from oxidation of propylene on pyrolysis of PP.

All the emitted volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful to the plant’s workers and the neighbouring inhabitants and the associated odor may raise public complaints.

Many types of VOCs are toxic or even deadly to humans and can be detrimental to the environment. Persons with respiratory problems such as asthma, young children, elderly, and persons with heightened sensitivity to chemicals may be more susceptible to irritation and illness from VOCs.

Ozone is a reactive gas and one of nature''s most powerful oxidizing agents, capable of neutralizing and eliminating VOCs by pulling electrons away from them.

Our expertise remain with applying ozone at very high temperatures and selectively neutralizing the hazardous pollutants despite the fact that ozone degenerates at temperatures little higher than ambient!

Aeolus supplies high output ozone generators that delivers pure ozone gas effectively into targeted treatment area, destroying VOCs chemically, while leaving no residue behind as ozone reverts back to clean breathable oxygen after a treatment.

Our ozone generators are 100% made in India and hence works at the best performance level.

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