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Dairy and Ice-cream Industry solutions

At Aeolus, we offer a basket full of solutions for dairy and ice-cream industry. Our products are desinged for maintenance of hygiene, sanitization, pollution control, CIP - internal cleaning processes, disinfection, air quality management, process water treatment, wastewater treatment, cooling tower water treatment, cold storage continuous disinfection, resin and nuts quality improvement and many more solutions. Our products can be classifed as under for dairy & ice-cream industry:

XERODROP ETP: Dairy effluent treatment is complex because of variable pH, high protein, fat and sulphate contents and inconsistent generation. XERODROP ETP is absolutely non-biological solution for dairy effluents and needs no chemicals to treat complex and variable effluent to achieve discharge norms consistently.

Ozone Generators: Ozone has wide applicaiton in diary & ice-cream industry for air and water disinfection without chemicals, disinfection and mycotoxin (aflatoxin) removal from nut and resins, wastewater disinfection, process water disinfection. Ozone if used in CIP, 30% to 70% chemicals can be saved. Ozone is much more effective in CIP as compared to any chemicals. Ozone should be continuously injected in process, production, packaging and storage area to keep them disinfected. Ozone is effective for HVAC & AHU system, cooling towers and stack emission control.

UV Radiation systems:Dairy and Ice-cream industry in India is yet to explore full potential of UV in their process and storage management. UV is a chemical free powerful disinfection system for process water, wastewater, cooling water, cooling media, milk powder, production area, storage area, cold storage and surface sanitation.

Aeolus Chlor - Electro-chlorinators:Our electro-chlorinators are used by leading dairies in India for their process water disinfection, equipment washing water, cooling tower water, wastewater, flies control.

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Dairy Effluent Treatment Plant

Dairy Effluent Treatment Plant

Rs 3 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price
Capacity Inlet Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour)5000 m3/hour, 500 m3/hour, 10000 m3/hour, 100 m3/hour, 1000 m3/hour, 2000 m3/hour
Feed Flow Rate (cubic-meter/day)50 m3/day, 500 m3/day, 100 m3/day, 2000 m3/day, 1000 m3/day
Automatic GradeAutomatic
Water SourceMunicipal Sewage, Commercial Waste Water, Industrial Effluent, Dairy Effluent,Cheese plant effluent,Ghee & Paneer Plant Effluent
Treatment TechniqueAOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) based on Electro-Chemistry
Plant TypeSewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant Hazardous Effluent Treatment, Effluent Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant
Treatment StagesPrimary Treatment, Preliminary Treatment, Disinfection, Secondary Treatment
Installation TypePrefabricated, Containerized Plug & Play
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Brand NameDairy Xerodrop ETP
UsageIndustrial Effluent Treatment plant for Dairy & Milk Processing & Packing units
BrandAeolus XERODROP
We are a well-renowned organization in the industry to provide our patrons with the best quality array of Dairy Effluent Treatment Plant.

Other details:
  • Just to let you know that your search for a perfect ETP ends here with Xerodrop
  • Xerodrop is a non biological solution for ETP

Benefits of Xerodrop can be narrated as:
  • Xerodrop is a method which is simple but very effective for treatment of many turbid water and waste waters
  • Xerodrop process is characterized by an effective removal of pollutants, compact size of the equipment, simplicity in operation, moderate capital and low operating cost
  • Xerodrop – is a product with almost zero or negligible supervision to effectively treat highly recalcitrant effluents
  • The product has given amazing results with challenging waste waters of distillery spent wash (combined TOD values up to 2,20,000 ppm), tannery and paper mill effluents
  • Xerodrop has also provided extra ordinary results in treating effluents such as that from pharmaceuticals, food processing units, Dairy, oil refineries, textiles and thermal power plants
  • Xerodrop is engineered to follow the toughest discharge norms
  • The treated water is fit for entire non-potable requirements of industries as well as agriculture
  • The solid sludge collected is also a manure and not a dumping/disposal challenge

Xerodrop ETP:
  • Xerodrop is an innovative technology based on Electro- Chemistry
  • Modern and advanced approach – based on proven and time tested principles of Electro-Chemistry
  • Xerodrop is supported by internationally distinguished technocrats
  • Xerodropis rapid acting, effective, appropriate and ‘true value for money’ system

Advantages Xerodrop ETP:

  • Offers most effective removal of pollutants - Always dependable!
  • More than 90% water recovery for recycling and irrigation
  • No pungent smell – no noise - no noxious gas emissions -compact size – very small ENERGY & SPACE footprint Ø No chemical addition
  • No dependency on Bacteria- no culture – no activated sludge – no aeration – no membranes
  • Simplicity in operations and reasonable O&M cost – true value for money
  • Low sludge generation
  • Recovery of valuable nutrients from solid sludge- Additional revenue generation from Waste
  • Treated effluent is colorless, odorless and the BCOD of highly recalcitrant effluents are reduced to comply with stringent PCB norms for discharge
  • Xerodrop can if required, well utilize most of the existing ETP civil infrastructure after necessary modifications in case of upgrading existing ETP

Incomparable Advantages Xerodrop ETP:

  • Xerodrop ETP Is Based On Plug & Play System – Meaning You Can Start And Stop The System Anytime During The Operation – You Can Operate The System As Per Your needs
  • Only raw material required is Electricity
  • No Bacteria – and practically no chemicals ü No smoke – no heating – no incineration

What Xerodrop ETP offers to the Client:

  • 100% assurance of meeting State PCB & CPCB discharge norms if plant is operated as per the set procedures
  • Total And Assured Peace of Mind For The Management
  • Modular & expandable plant construction

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Dairy & Ice-Cream Industry Effluent Treatment with Xerodrop

Dairy & Ice-Cream Industry Effluent Treatment with Xerodrop

Rs 4 Lakh  / pieceGet Best Price
Usage/Applicationdairy effluent treatment and recycling without using chemicals
Inlet Water QualityIndustrial Effluent
Capacity1 M3 and more
Treatment TechniqueElectro-oxidation, electro-coagulation, advanced oxidation processes
Delivery LocationPan India
Capacity Inlet Flow Rate1 M3 onwards
Water SourceCommercial Waste Water, Industrial Effluent
Treatment StagesDisinfection, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Preliminary Treatment
Feed Flow Rate50 m3/day,100 m3/day,500 m3/day,1000 m3/day,2000 m3/day
IndustryDairy Industry

dairy and ice cream effluent are complex effluents and aeolus is the most trustworthy supplier of dairy and ice cream industry effluent treatment in india.

xerodrop dairy etp perfectly treats dairy residues to meet the most stringent discharge norms. Dairy industry falls under “orange & red” category based on its effluent quantity generation.

just is milk is a complete food for humans, so as the case with bacteria too, but bacteria follows strict diet and hence keep away from abundant milk fat & casein & whey protein!

frequent change in major parameters like ph, tss & cod load all during the day in dairy makes effluent treatment more difficult. Shock load of acid and alkali after cip in dairy leads conventional bio-chemical etp to shear failure. There are hardly any conventional etp in dairy that has consistently performed for 365 days in unbroken sequence!

dairy industry takes effluent bit lightly and that is the reason behind several fatal accidents due to malodorous gas h2s (volatile sulphide) in dairy industry. Since milk is an essential food, pcb is compelled to remain considerate for dairy industry effluent treatment’s violation.

high sulphates, fat, protein and variable ph, are effectively managed with xerodrop system.  we have several dairy installations now running in small and midsize dairy plants.

other than dairy & ice cream industry wastewater treatment, we now have developed several more applications for dairy industry:

Xerodrop aop: our advanced oxidation process based on photocatalytic oxidation is now ready to undertake all modification jobs for partially performing conventional dairy etp. Xerodrop aop also has application in disinfecting process water in dairy industry without adding any chemicals and chlorine. Cooling towers in dairy can be well managed with minimum chemicals (just 30% of normal requirement) when xerodrop aop is installed at cooling towers in dairy.

Aeolus ozone: our ozone system has very wide applications in dairy & ice cream industry viz.

ü  process water disinfection

ü  nuts and resin treatment

ü  air contamination control in product packaging section

ü  cip with minimum chemicals for plant and milk storage and containers

ü  oxidation in conventional etp,

ü  ph reduction with highly alkaline effluent stream,

ü  h2s control in etp & anaerobic bio-digesters,

ü  methane purification and enrichment in dairy effluent & cow dung based biogas plants

ü  health management of cattle (watering eyes, flatulence, breathing disorder etc. )

ü  shelf life improvement for dairy sweets at retail counters

ü  cooling tower water treatment & disinfection – biofouling control

ü  air contamination control at chilling centre and cold storage


Come and join the winning team aeolus to treat your dairy effluent. Save money and loose worry with your process improvements aeolus products!

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 4 weeks

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